Frequently Asked Questions

WorldsBitcoins is a peer-to-peer Bitcoin/ETH exchange. We are a marketplace where users can buy and sell Bitcoins/ETH to and from each other. Users, called traders, create advertisements with the price and the payment method they want to offer. You can browse our website for trade advertisements and search for a payment method you prefer. You will find traders buying and selling Bitcoins/ETH online for more than 60 different payment methods.
If you're new to WorldsBitcoins and want to buy Bitcoins/ETH, please take a look at our how to buy guide to learn how to buy Bitcoins/ETH.
If you still don't have a WorldsBitcoins account, you can learn how to create one in just a few minutes watching the video below.

All online trades are protected by escrow. When a trade is started the amount of Bitcoins/ETH for the trade is automatically reserved from the seller's WorldsBitcoins Wallets. This means that if the seller runs away with your money and does not release your Bitcoins/ETH support can release the Bitcoins/ETH to you from escrow. If you're selling Bitcoins/ETH, never release the escrow before you know that you have received money from the Bitcoin/ETH buyer.

 Next to each advertisement on the website the price of a Bitcoin/ETH for that advertisement is shown as currency per Bitcoin/ETH. For example, if we are buying Bitcoin/ETH with the currency US dollars the price would be shown as 10420 USD BTC / 500 USD ETH. This means that if I wanted to buy 1 Bitcoin/ETH it would cost me 10420 US dollars/ 500 USD dollars

Can I buy less than 1 Bitcoin/ETH?

Absolutely! In each advertisement you see what's called limits. That shows you the least and the most amount of Bitcoins/ETH that you can buy from that advertisement.
One Bitcoin/ETH can be divided into much much smaller pieces, the smallest piece is called one satoshi and is the same as 0.00000001 BTC/ 0.00000001  ETH.

One of the best features of Bitcoin/ETH is that it gives you control over your money, but it's also this feature that makes it very different from traditional money. Bitcoin/ETH transactions are irreversible, most traditional payment methods can be charged back. This creates risk for the person selling the Bitcoins/ETH, as PayPal or a bank can take the money someone paid him out of his account after he has sent away the Bitcoins/ETH. That is why traders need to have a high price for certain payment methods, to protect themselves against this risk.

That is why we recommend for you to get the best price to pay using a hard to reverse payment method, such as Cash Deposit, bank transfers and mobile payments (Like Qiwi in Russia). When you search to buy Bitcoins, select All online offers as a payment method and you will see offers for all payment methods and you can choose one that is convenient for you and offers a better price.

What happens when I pay, and the seller doesn't give me my Bitcoins/ETH? All our online trades are protected with escrow to prevent this from happening. When the trade is started, the Bitcoin/ETH amount for the trade is taken from the sellers wallet and is held by WorldsBitcoins for the entire time of the trade. If the seller is trying to scam you, it's easy for you to open a dispute on the trade and our support staff will contact you to ask for proof that you have paid and then give the Bitcoins/ETH to you.       

Worldsbitcoins Wallet is a web wallet. Sending and receiving transactions are not connected to each other. If you are looking at your Bitcoin/eth address on . Any other block explorer you will see transactions that don't belong to you. 
This is how web wallets operate. You cannot make connections with incoming and outgoing transactions for the same Bitcoin/ETH address.

This answer concerns the case when you are buying Bitcoins online

After you send in a trade request to the seller of Bitcoins, you have a time window to complete the payment before the trade is automatically canceled (the payment window varies depending on the payment method of the trade). During this time you need to complete your payment and press the I have paid button. The seller is notified that you've made the payment and the Bitcoins will be held in escrow until the seller releases them for you when seeing the payment in his/her account. 

If you paid for the purchase, but did not mark the payment complete before the payment time window expired, please contact the seller through the trade. The Bitcoin seller has functionality to Reopen the purchase, this also re-enables escrow. You can contact the seller and your other existing trade contacts from the Dashboard in your LocalBitcoins User Profile. Send a message to the seller and kindly explain the situation and why you couldn't complete payment within the time window. 

If the seller does not respond to this request please contact support using the Support request form and mention your trade contact id number.

We reserve a small amount of Bitcoin from your wallet balance to pay the Bitcoin transaction fee to the Bitcoin network. Each Bitcoin transaction has to pay a small fee to the network to be confirmed no matter from where it's sent. We reserve this fee in advance to prevent your wallet balance from becoming negative. You can find a list of all of our fees on our fees page.

The sellers usually release Bitcoins as soon as they see your payment, which can sometimes take an hour or two. If you've paid but are still waiting there is nothing to worry about, for all online trades are protected by escrow and the seller cannot run away with your Bitcoin. If there are any issues with a trade and the seller won't release your Bitcoins, you can dispute the trade to have worldsbitcoins support resolve it. If you are buying or selling Bitcoins online, you can dispute the trade after 1 hour if you have marked the payment completed. A dispute can no longer be started if the Bitcoins have been released from escrow or if it's a local trade without escrow enabled. When a trade you're involved in becomes disputed, you'll receive an SMS notification and an email, in most cases simply starting the dispute is enough to get the attention of your trading partner. A disputed trade is usually resolved within 24-48 hours.

Sometimes a trader may ask for your ID. If you are trading for the first time with a trader he/she may ask for you to identify yourself, even if you've already verified your ID with Worldsbitcoins. This is because in certain countries sellers are required by local laws to know who their customers are. Most sellers explain in the terms of the trade if they require ID verification or not. If you do not wish to give the seller your ID, you can always cancel the trade and search for a trader with less strict requirements. Always send your ID to the seller via the trade chat, our trade chat messages are kept encrypted on our servers and are deleted after 180 days. All photographs sent to the trade chat is also marked with a watermark to prevent misuse of the images.

Operating directly with other people through Worldsbitcoins makes transactions faster and more agile operations, this allows a better user experience during the purchase or sale of cryptocurrencies.


We also offer support from our team of specialists and the possibility of exchanging four types of cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, bitcoin, Etherum and Ripple).


Do not use the same password on different websites. Do not participate in transactions outside of Worldsbitcoins. Do not use the website from computers or shared devices, such as those found in public networks, as they may have keyloggers installed to steal your user credentials.


When you log into the website, read the browser's address bar and verify that you are logging into Worldsbitcoins.


Security: The page is based on high security standards, to guarantee the transparency and transactionality of our users.


User Reputation: Each user will gain reputation as he or she generates more transactions, gaining credibility by constantly interacting with the system and its available cryptoactives.


Friendly digital wallets: Each user can easily manage their cryptoactives through their virtual wallet, transfer them to generate payments to other users in the same system anywhere in the world.


Open system of operations: In order to democratize the use of cryptoactives, any Venezuelan o person around the world will be able to access and offer their cryptocurrencies, creating a place of easy exchange and giving dynamism to the Venezuelan blockchain ecosystem.


Chat and customer service 24/7: We focus on our users having the best online support. We focus on generating the greatest support in real time through our chat and physical offices.


If you buy cryptocurrencies, these will appear in your virtual wallet in worldsbitcoins. From there, you can send them to other addresses. The vast majority of services are compatible with each other.


To send cryptocurrencies from your LTC wallet, enter the destination address and the amount you wish to send.


You can buy fractions of Bitcoins or the cryptocurrency of your choice.

The place where you store your cryptocurrencies. This virtual wallet is in your Worldsbitcoins account.

You must create a free account in Worldsbitcoins  and get your virtual wallet.


Worldsbitcoins is a solution to consolidate the income in sustainable savings of all Venezuelans and people from over the world.

Worldsbitcoins offers in a secure and simple way the exchange of cryptocurrencies with other parties (people or companies) through electronic payments, making the process simple, immediate and agile.

It's a mystery. Bitcoin was launched in 2009 by a person or group of people operating under the name Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin was then adopted by a small clutch of enthusiasts. Nakamoto dropped off the map as bitcoin began to attract widespread attention. But proponents say that doesn't matter: The currency obeys its own internal logic. An Australian entrepreneur last year stepped forward and claimed to be the founder of bitcoin, only to say days later that he did not 'have the cou ..

The bitcoin network works by harnessing individuals' greed for the collective good. A network of tech-savvy users called miners keep the system honest by pouring their computing power into a blockchain, a global running tally of every bitcoin transaction. The blockchain prevents rogues from spending the same bitcoin twice, and the miners are rewarded for their efforts by being gifted with the occasional bitcoin. As long as miners keep the blockchain secure, counterfeiting shouldn't be an issue.